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    Re: [RC] Ringers ? - Becky Huffman

    I don't know anything about the NC, but I do know there are those who don't know which horse they are riding. Either they don't know or can't spell the name, or have several with similar names and tend to get them confused.  And not infrequently, put down the wrong AERC number.  Are these people cheaters or just plain stupid?
    I have twelve horses of my own, and five others on my place, and I can tell them all apart and know all their names.  I guess that makes me a smart cookie, or can most of you id your own horses?
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    ----- Original Message -----
    "Larry Lewis www.aerc75@xxxxxxxxx
    Let's see someone put up or shut up on the ringer thing...pictures were
    taken of all horses in Kentucky, and nice ones at that. All a person with
    proof has to do is compare pictures from different rides. Is it just chat
    room gossip or is there something to be looked into.  Talk is
    cheap....Larry Lewis   
    Not sure where your going with this Larry but since I was the one who
    brought it up I guess this is directed at me ? I posted what I saw listed
    in the minutes of the AERC BOD meeting in Reno concerning ringer
     horses and was trying  to find out if there had been a problem with
    someone running a ringer horse in the NC ride this year .I did get
     some answers back assuring me that there was not a problem but
     they were more so looking into the future of this "could" happen .
    These posts to me were private so I did not post them to RC . I
    did not realize that I had to "put up or shut up " to ask a question
    concerning BOD minutes .
                               Drin Becker
                               Mtn Region

    Re: [RC] Ringers ?, Drin Becker