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    Re: [RC] Fat/Dietary Questions Part1 - Maggie Mieske

    <Fats won't help
    provide useful energy during the ride itself.  >
    Here you are talking about if fat were fed during or immediately prior to a
    ride, right?  Is it not true that over the long term, a horse's body will
    learn to utilize fat as energy during exercise?  I think I read this on the
    KER site in one of their articles...I'd have to go back and look them over.
    I have always felt Malik does better and finishes better when he's been on a
    consistent diet of fat.  Depending on how hard we are working and competing,
    I have fed him up to 3-4 cups of oil a day (never less than 1 cup a day for
    maintenance), usually with lots of dry beet pulp and a little grain cuz it
    helps soak up the oil but then I eliminate oil about 3-4 days before the
    ride and start feeding him lots of hay and soaked beet pulp.
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    Re: [RC] Fat/Dietary Questions Part1, Susan Garlinghouse