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    Re: [RC] Round Bales + Deaths(?) - Susan Young Casey


    Deaths from round bales would occur if a horse ingested the twine used in baleing.  I'm sure a horse could choke on the hay; that could happen no matter how it was baled.  How did the horses you spoke of die from eating from a round bale?  There is nothing in the process of baleing that is harmful to a horse...at least not in my part of the country.

    I've fed round bales for 30 years or so and have NEVER had any problem with feeding this way.  I don't cut the twine off but will pick it up out of the pasture so noone gets a foot caught in it.  You'll find a horse will waste more hay than it eats; he doesn't often eat the hay with the twine in it because it has been weathered.

    For your peace of mind, cut the twine off the bale then go home and get some sleep. 


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