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    [RC] veyr young riders - Mike & Kathy Kelly

    No one has said that youth being involved in AERC isn't a great thing.  Of
    course we're very proud of our Jrs., and they have benefited so much from
    all the things they learn from the endurance experience.
    And some of you have suggested there are other horrible things to worry
    about (couch potatoes, junk food, on ad naseum).  Of course there are, but
    that isn't the issue nor AERCs responsibility.  Just because there are more
    serious problems out there in the world doesn't mean we shouldn't work to do
    the best we can in our little piece of it.
    Lets stick to the issue, the safety of very young riders and what is the
    responsibility of AERC (members) in this area.
    Kathy Kelly
    Parks AZ
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