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  • - Howard Bramhall

    Re: [RC] [RC] beet pulp++ - ALISON MUELLER

    And sometimes who knows why they founder. I had an old broodmare that had foundered bad when she was younger. She was broodmare sound, but not riding sound. Had wonderful babies. But sometimes she would flare up for no reason. This mare was such an easy keeper she only recv 1/2 scoop (those plastic ones that all the feed stores sell) of grain twice a day.....rest of the time was plain costal hay. Sometimes you have no idea why....

    On the subject of beet pulp....one of my barn cats (a kitten) LOVES soaked beet pulp! I have to cover the buckets when they are soaking or she is in it eating away. And yes she does get good food....she is on Pro-Plan kitten formula....all she wants.

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    From: Rides 2 Far <rides2far@xxxxxxxx>
    > ok, i'm the one guilty of feeding beet pulp to my lease horse,
    > princess> buttercup: ) i do throw molasses on it, but enough to
    causelaminitis? agh!\

    There's plenty of causes of founder. I have had 2 friends whose horses
    have had "toxic founder" or something like that where they just ate a
    weed or something that caused it.  Also there's road founder from riding
    on hard surfaces.  The most common of course is grass founder, or leaving
    a feedroom door open.  I doubt very seriously that it's anything you've
    intentionally fed her unless you just like to feed a horse a bucket of
    grain at a time.

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