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    [RC] Necropsy results--USS Imzadi - David & Maggie

    Many of you asked for an update on the necropsy results.
    Preliminary findings show botulism as the cause. The vet said she had a pretty advanced case by the time we got her to the clinic. But even if we had gotten her there sooner, the survival rate is less than 30%.
    They think it was probably from our hay. We feed round bales. Sometimes, small animals get baled up in the hay and the by-products of their decomposition contaminates just that little bit of hay and the one horse that ate it gets sick.
    We'll be watching the rest for symptoms:
    decreased tongue and tail tone
    difficulty eating after the first two or three bites
    unsteady gait progressing to an inability to stand
    Their mind is not affected, like in WNV. Z was fully alert until the very end.
    Well, I'll be moving out to the pasture for a few days. I hope I don't freeze to death.....
    PS If anyone has a stallion by Baskiro, I am considering rebreeding Z's dam to a stallion of similar breeding to her sire. Not that we really need another horse, or could ever replace our precious Z Baby.