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    Re: [RC] Very young riders in AERC rides - Bette Lamore

    Hi Truman
    I don't know about the rest of the country--- but I seriously doubt that allowing a child to compete in endurance is going to qualify as child abuse. The pendulum is now swinging the other way against ripping kids out of their natural homes. The reason: inadequate and insufficient foster homes. In fact, I only recently left my position in Protective Service in CA and Santa Barbara policy on heroin users/Coc/Speed etc. users is that as long as the needles are not laying on the kitchen table within reach of the kids and so long as a baby-sitter is hired during the "tripping" times, the kid remains in the home. Never mind the parental emotional/mental absenteeism. However, if the drug abuser parent is not feeding their kids or is beating their kids--- that is another matter. BUT some of the foster homes are almost as bad. Gives the good ones a bad rep.
    My point is that unless CA is waaaaay different from the rest of the country, the chances of a child abuse charge being levied for allowing a 5 year old or even a three year old to ride endurance while accompanying their parent and wearing a helmet are waaaaay slim.

    Truman Prevatt wrote:
    I think the issue some have with this is if you replace the world "child" with the word "horse" the AERC does have concern with young horses but not young children. Isn't it up the the horse owner when he can and how far he can ride his horse? If not they why are young children different.

    The AERC is a national organization. It functions in all 50 states of the US and Canada. As such it can come under the laws of all 50 states and Canada. My question is does the AERC as an organization risk running afoul of the law in some state or Canada concerning it's lack of a policy concerning young children?

    If so one local social worker or prosecuting attorney could make the AERC's life pretty miserable. We do live and function in a larger society.


    Cocomix3@xxxxxxx wrote:


    Isn't up to the parents to dicide whether the child can participate in the sport? Why would it be Aerc's problem to deal with, shouldnt it be the parents decision?


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