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    Re: [RC] Voting... - Heidi Smith

    Funny, but I've never noticed any correlation between gender and someone's ability to represent me.  I'm much more concerned with whether I agree with the candidates' basic philosophies about the sport and their stances on some specific issues than with their personal plumbing--just my take on it.  In all my own years on the board, the only place where gender mattered was the restrooms, and we never took votes in there, so it didn't make any difference. 
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    From: Linda
    Sent: Friday, October 25, 2002 3:05 PM
    Subject: [RC] Voting...

        I just received my ballot today.   I have been under the impression that a large majority of endurance riders are women... yet I only see one woman on the ballot.   

    [RC] Voting..., Linda