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    Re: [RC] Ringers at NC - Maureen A. Fager

    Here is a quote from the Austrian Endurance Rider Associations (AERA) website, it if from their "Rules and Regulations for Endurance Riding in Australia, current January 2002"

    6.1. A horse that has complied with the NOVICE HORSE AND THE NOVICE HORSE LOGBOOK (H.5) rule will be eligible to apply for an Endurance Horse Logbook. The Novice Horse Logbook(s) must be presented to substantiate compliance with rule H.5.
    6.2. Every horse issued with an Endurance Horse Logbook must be identified either by:
    a) a microchip implant plus certified veterinary identification of same - the details of which will be recorded in the Endurance Horse Logbook for that horse. The microchip must be inserted more than 6 days prior to that horse competing in an affiliated endurance ride; or
    b) a certified veterinary identification which must include a registered brand, the details of which will be recorded in the Endurance Horse Logbook for that horse.
    6.3. A microchipped horse must have the certified identification completed in case of microchip reader or microchip failure."

    I find this interesting, and wonder as to the "why" of the microchip and identification became neccasary.

    Happy trails,

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