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    [RC] Very young riders in AERC rides - heidi sowards

    My last post! I promise! Okay, so if we are to judge what
    age is too young, the next step will be to judge who is too
    old!! And as we all know, sooner or later we'll all be in
    THAT boat. Do we really want someone saying, ok, at age 65
    you just aren't allowed anymore! Or 70 or 80 or
    whatever!!And I for one am not about to tell Julie Suhr she
    can't ride anymore!! (I read her book BTW!! Really a great
    read!! Get it!)
    Heidi Sowards
    --- Heidi Smith <heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > >I have never met a 5 year old who could either make nor
    > understand a logical decision. They simply are not of a
    > cognizant age. 
    > I've met a few pretty amazing kids that age who have been
    > pretty darn logical and thoughtful.  I know that when I
    > was 6, and my parents hosted bible study groups, I
    > followed the discussions and joined in, and understood
    > perfectly well what was being discussed.  At 7, in the
    > second grade, I went clear through the high school senior
    > level of those old SRA reading comprehension tests, with
    > a near perfect score.  Perhaps it had to do with being
    > ranch raised--I also knew where the first aid book was
    > kept well before I could read, and knew how to find all
    > the pressure points for arteries, if someone was
    > bleeding.  My cognizant skills were far more precocious,
    > quite frankly, than my riding skills--I would not have
    > been physically able to do 100 miles at that age, even
    > though I rode quite a bit.  While you are right that most
    > kids are not at that level at that age, please don't
    > count out the ones that are.
    > Heidi
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    Re: [RC] [RC] Very young riders in AERC rides, Heidi Smith