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    [RC] IntNewsGroup: Update on Governance of Equestrian Sport - Lori & Rick Stewart

    From: Diane Popp On Behalf Of Alan Balch

    Sent: Monday, October 21, 2002 5:01 PM

    Subject: October 18, 2002 Letter to Satrom - Update on governance of equestrian sport

    October 18, 2002

    Mr. Thomas Satrom, Chairman

    USOC Membership and Credentials Committee

    c/o Office of the General Counsel

    United States Olympic Committee

    One Olympic Plaza

    Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5760

    Dear Mr. Satrom,

    We are writing again to continue updating you formally on our governance of equestrian sport.

    As you are aware, we do not believe that USA Equestrian has ever engaged in any impermissible delegation of matters central to the governance of our sport. In addition, however, according to the terms of the USOC resolution dated September 18, 2002, adopted by the Board of Directors September 25, 2002, it is now confirmed that "there is no present order or decision of the USOC concerning" the now-expired Operating Agreement once in place with United States Equestrian Team. Therefore, USA Equestrian is not restrained in any way from exercising its authority as NGB.

    Accordingly, per the terms of our Executive Director’s letter to our IF dated August 29, 2002 [enclosed], we are continuing to clarify any matters of governance that might previously have been confusing.

    As we advised you in Colorado Springs, we have taken formal steps to recognize International High Performance athlete committees in all disciplines recognized by our IF, per the enclosed correspondence. In addition, we will have completed final formation of all other International High Performance discipline committees within our constitutional structure, per the enclosed correspondence, on October 29.

    As to pending selection procedures, we invite your attention to the other correspondence enclosed referring to the Driving discipline. Despite any actions taken by USET, we are making it clear to the athletes and all international constituencies how selection procedures are to be enacted and revised, when necessary. We are also appreciative of the strong communication we are having with the USOC staff in sport management.

    Finally, it is clear in the USOC resolution adopted September 25, that the USOC, with us, desires a mediated settlement to any contested issues about governance in the sport. Following a lengthy consultation among our officers and legal counsel yesterday, it appears that any contested path going forward, whether related to arbitration, Membership and Credentials Committee recommendations, or otherwise, is likely not only to be complicated and difficult, as well as expensive for all concerned, but protracted. Under these circumstances, by copy of this letter to both boards of directors of USA Equestrian and United States Equestrian Team, and all appropriate athlete and discipline committees, we are suggesting once again that the equestrian community in total ask the leadership of USET to return to productive mediation, without preconditions, as we have consistently sought. The athletes, in particular, continue to express the strong desire that this matter be concluded as rapidly as possible, with which we have always agreed. We know that President Mankamyer has expressed her interest in this approach more than once.

    The only clear path we see going forward that will result in a definitive and speedy result is the one based on a mediated or facilitated settlement. Otherwise, we have no choice but to continue - as we have been doing all along - to defend the principles of a broad, unified, inclusive, fair structure of governance, protecting always the welfare of the horse and the need for broad-based, sound, and accountable financial management, for the long-term good of all athletes and the sport as a whole.

    Yours sincerely,



    Alan F. Balch, President

    copy: USA Equestrian Directors

    USET Directors, National Advisory Council

    International High Performance Athlete Committees

    International High Performance Disciplines/Committees

    Marty Mankamyer

    Tyrone Lockhart