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    Re: [RC] Leave Cliffy Alone [oh no, not again!] - Sullivan

     Joe Long writes: This is a proper
    > matter for the AERC, just as is the helmet rule and the requirement
    > that junior riders have adult sponsors (there are no such rules for
    > adults).  And it is for the same reason, to meet our responsibility of
    > not exposing young children to unreasonable risks in our sport.
    > As to "such a stir" -- if that's what it takes to get a rule that
    > saves even one young child from a serious injury or lifelong health
    > problems, it will be very well worth it.
    I don't understand why folks get so hot under the collar that the safety of
    children is being
    discussed. Personally, I am totally willing to accept the findings of
    pediatric specialists as
    to what is appropriate for very young riders.  If they are presented with an
    accurate picture
    of the sport, the requirements and risks, and find no special concerns or
    potential for long-term harm,
    based on the mental and physical capabilities of a normal child, then I am
    perfectly happy
    to accept those findings.  But I feel it is essential for AERC to at least
    investigate this from both
    an ethical and legal standpoint.
    Apparently, SERA consulted a pediatric surgeon to come up with their minimum
    age requirement.
    We are only asking that AERC so the same-totally in the interests of what is
    best for the child.
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    [RC] Leave Cliffy Alone [oh no, not again!], Tina Rushing
    Re: [RC] Leave Cliffy Alone [oh no, not again!], Joe Long