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    Re: [RC] Junior rider Welfare - Karen J. Zelinsky

    Darn, Joan, you think just like me!  And I just went to the trouble of
    sending my thoughts off JUST before I read your take on this wearing
    I started out simply erasing tons of young rider subjects.... then
    finally peeked in at them, and my stomach turned when I heard personal
    bragging about how great that person could ride at a young age, and how
    great all kids could ride compared to adults, and yada yada yada......
    So, I am not alone, am I?  Age counts, doesn't it?  And then there's the
    mind, body and spirit involved - maturity comes in many categories, and
    most of us don't exceed in all three departments, even when we're old
    (ha!  what is old? too old to ride?)
    > to let them do things that could harm them.  Unfortunately, because 
    > some
    > parents think that "letting their child take the challenge and
    > responsibility themselves", it will make them brighter, better,
    > stronger, etc., and the consequences be damned...there has to be 
    > some
    > guidelines and requirements made to protect them.  That's why we 
    > have a
    > age limit on driving, drinking and even voting. It would be a heavy
    > burden for all AERC members to bear if even one child loses his life 
    > or
    > becomes permanently handicapped because we did not take our
    > responsibility to our young rider seriously. The same can be said 
    > of
    > adult, inexperienced riders: we need some sort of requirements made 
    > to
    > protect them and their horse from "newbie" mistakes....more 
    > education
    > please.......but wait....thats a different issue isn't it? :)
    > Joan, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
    > AERC M22713
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