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    [RC] Juniors - Merryben

    > Say (for example) a junior rider has to have at least 100 miles of LDs
    > to be eligible to enter a 50 mile ride? (and) A junior rider has to have
    > at least 400 miles to be eligible to enter a 100 mile 
    > >>>>ride?Anybody
    > have a problem with this idea?
    Yeah, my juniors would have a big problem with this.....except Caitlin Thompson of Zane Gray family fame.  She wants to ride with me next year and do a 25 to start.  Katie, on the other hand would have a hissy fit, as she puts it, if I even suggested anything less than 50.  Her third ride was a multi day 3 day ride.  I think Heather's second ride was the DVE back in the days when it was 5 days.  Everyone is ready at a different level and blanket rules are not a good idea.  I would venture that I have sponsored more juniors than anyone, from age 5 to 13 when they started and they all started with 50's.  Three became AERC junior champions when you had to ride a bunch of rides during the year to win and one, as you all know, was the Pan Am Champion this year and also rode in Dubai and Spain. She has almost 9,000 miles so far and still going.
    As far as the no whining policy, that is mine and it just means no whining.  If you want to slow down or just quit, that is fine with me. Heck, I have been known to just stop cause I wanted to.  
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