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    Re: [RC] [RC] Very young riders in AERC rides - Joe Long

    On Thu, 24 Oct 2002 14:34:31 EDT, FancyNite@xxxxxxx wrote:
    >In a message dated 10/24/2002 12:19:14 PM Central Daylight Time, 
    >jlong@xxxxxxxx writes:
    >> I say a five-year-old riding an endurance ride is child abuse because, no 
    >> matter how capable and mature they may be mentally, there is no way that 
    >> young and small a body can ride astride a horse that many hours without 
    >> damage.  If you have medical sources that dispute that, I'd like to see them.
    >You're going to look into a young child's eyes and tell that child you CAN'T 
    >RIDE?  I don't see how you can do this.  
    Yes, I would, with compassion.  There are many things we do not allow
    young children to do.  Go to any amusement park, and look at all the
    signs that say "You must be this tall to ride this ride."  OK, instead
    of age, maybe we could have a "minimum height" rule.
    >Joe, what was your take on my thought??? (of miles?)  I don't think we need 
    >another RULE... just some STANDARDS.  Give these youngens some ladders to 
    >climb, not an impassable mountain.  Non of us get younger!
    As the problem is the stresses from the miles ridden, that no amount
    of experience can overcome, I don't see it as a solution ... but I
    agree it would be better than what we have now.
    Don't forget, a minimum age requirement is not an impassable mountain.
    As you say, the child is getting older every year.  All he has to do
    is wait a year or two, just like he has to do to ride the adult rides
    at the park.
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    Re: [RC] [RC] Very young riders in AERC rides, FancyNite