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    Re: [RC] Very young riders in AERC rides - Joe Long

    On Thu, 24 Oct 2002 12:12:01 EDT, EgyptianMirage@xxxxxx wrote:
    >In a message dated 10/23/02 5:38:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time, jlong@xxxxxxxx 
    >> But young children will happily do many things
    >> that are dangerous or can damage their growing bodies simply due to
    >> over-stress.
    >So is climbing a tree!  Are you going to try and ban that also?  
    The AERC does not sanction tree-climbing.  ; ^ >
    >Why would 
    >you deny a child of 5, that can "obviously" perform, the opportunity to do 
    >something that gives them the confidence they can use throughout the rest of 
    >their life!  
    If they have a rest of their life.
    >I think you are forgetting the fact that most stress comes from 
    >negative influences, not positive ones.  
    I'm talking about physical stress on bodies, especially bones, and the
    risks of injury from an accident.
    >I would have to think that riding a 
    >100 mile ride would tend to lean on the side of joy and accomplishment.  I 
    >applaud that 5 year old and wish them more rides in the future.
    I wish him many successful rides and a long, healthy life.  I'd hate
    to see his life cut short or his health ruined because he started
    before his body could physically handle it.
    >Forgive me if I am wrong but I believe the AERC's responsibility is for the 
    >horse, not other parents children!  Next thing you know, the masses will 
    >start telling us we can't spank our children......Oh yah, I forgot, they 
    >already have!
    The AERC already recognizes its responsibility to "other parents
    children" in its rules requiring adult sponsors and helmet use.  A
    minimum age is consistent with these.
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