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    Re: [RC] [RC] Very young riders in AERC rides - Joe Long

    On Thu, 24 Oct 2002 01:08:06 EDT, FASTGraphic@xxxxxx wrote:
    >  This is true and works this way - if AERC sets NO age limits, they are not 
    >responsible.  As soon as they do - say setting the age at 8, they are 
    >implying that it is safe for a person of that age to ride the ride.  When the 
    >8 year old is injured, the AERC bears some responsibility because, by setting 
    >that age limit, they implied that it was safe for the 8 year old to ride.  
    >Rules can be tricky things.  Let's leave well enough alone and leave it up to 
    >parents to decide if their children are ready or not.
    Sorry, you are mistaken.  Every organization involved in a ride where
    a child is injured, including AERC, has liability exposure.  Having no
    minimum age increases that exposure, having a minimum age would reduce
    it.  Both by assuring that no accident will occur in children younger
    than the minimum, and by showing a jury that we took reasonable steps
    (along with requiring helmets, for example) to protect juvenile
    Joe Long
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