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    Re: [RC] Very young riders in AERC rides or at any rides - Joe Long

    On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 23:46:51 -0400, "Charles" <cdy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    >I think this issue may be similar to skiing for youngsters.
    >I don't recommend those trails for most kids.  However, given enough time and experience, anyone can do them regardless of age.  By the time my nephew was 5, he had enough skiing time to be pretty much an expert and old hand at it.
    Most children use short skis, which makes for pretty low impact.
    Their center of gravity is low to the ground, which helps as well.
    Nevertheless, how many organized ski races allow five-year-olds to
    >I'm going to suggest the 5 year old doing a 100 mile ride is a similar thing.  Most 5 year olds can't and shouldn't do it.  (Hell, I know enough to know I can't and shouldn't do it even at 43).  However, there are some who I'm sure were "born in the saddle" and have ridden before they walked.  I've seen youngsters team penning (OK,  maybe he was 8).  There are some 5 year olds who can ride, and can ride a 100 miles.
    There are undoubtedly five-year-olds who can ride.  I do not believe
    any five-year-old can ride an endurance ride safely, or without
    dangerous stress to his bones and other bodily systems.  I do not
    believe any five-year-old has the strength or judgement to handle the
    emergencies that can occur on any endurance ride.
    >Before a blanket rule is made, I hope everyone will consider that every situation is different, and if rules are made, they should take that into account.
    The same can be said for our rule that a horse must be five years old
    to compete.  Some are ready at four, some aren't ready at six, some
    are never ready.  We still have a rule, though, based on our best
    Joe Long
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