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    [RC] Pulse criteria - Brenda L. Kossowan

    Lysane: Your question about pulse criteria seems to have confused
    endurance criteria with the scoring system for competitive trail.
    Endurance requires that the horse's heart rate drop to a specified
    maximum before the clock stops on your ride. Vets and ride management
    will set the criteria depending on conditions. ERA rules, roughly based
    on AERC rules, state the pulse must drop to at least 64 bpm (16 beats in
    15 seconds). Ride managers are tending to drop that criteria to 60 bpm
    (15 beats in 15 seconds). Horses much reach criteria within 30 minutes
    or be disqualified. At a CTR, on the other hand, the pulse is taken 10
    minutes after the horse arrives at a check stop. Points are deducted for
    each beat above 12 beats in 15 seconds (48 beats per minute). Vets may
    require that the horse be held for an additional 10 minutes if the pulse
    is above allowable limits, ie 64 bpm, and the horse will be disqualified
    if it does not come down by the end of the hold.
    Lysane, I think you should consider joining us at our AGM in Leduc,
    Alberta this fall. Both clubs - Endurance Riders of Alberta and Trail
    Riders Alberta Conference (the CTR people)  - are at the Denham Inn on
    Friday and Saturday, the weekend of Nov. 15 & 16. We have wine and
    cheese Friday night, business meetings through the day on Saturday and
    an Awards Banquet Saturday night. Cost is $25 per plate plus your hotel
    room. We have a corporate rate at the hotel and a bank of rooms set
    aside for the meeting. Love to see you there.
    Brenda Kossowan
    Communications director
    Endurance Riders of Alberta
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