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    [RC] CTR and RHR - Carolyn Burgess

    My CTR experience has been with ECTRA. Criteria to continue at the hold is 64. Over 64 and you are pulled, between 60 - 64, there are point deductions, 60 and under you continue without any point deduction. At the end of the ride you must get to 60 or be pulled. Between 44 - 60 you get 1/4 point deduction for each beat over 44. So a final of 48, you would get a completion, but you would have a 1 point deduction. If you finish with a 44 or less, no point deduction on heart rate.

    An interesting thing I found with my own horse, who has a RHR in the high 20's is that he is so excited at the hold that he doesn't pulse down, unless I rub his gums. As soon as I start rubbing his gums you can see his pulse plummit. He can come in at around 60, not pulse down below 60 in 5 or so minutes, I rub his gums and he can be at 40 in a minute. Just something to consider if you are having trouble getting your partner to pulse down.

    Carolyn Burgess

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