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    [RC] Tucson Folks - Darolyn Butler-Dial

    Hey guys!!!
    Just finished Armadillo & what a well run ride it was this year.  Bo & Linda
    even had a food wagon there.... Real Class for deep East Texas.  <BG> Really
    disappointed that all the costumes were covered by rain slickers... & yes it
    did rain, & rain & rain... but hey.... that's better than some heat we've
    had there in the past.  Had a pretty good completion rate & no horses
    treated... so that was a good TEXAS race.  Our ranch had 18 horses there...
    whew... lots of fun but lots of work too.  BTW.. I have a really wonderful
    gal riding with us by the name of Monique Vincent... in fact she did her
    first 50 last Sat. at the Armadillo... see her note to me below... I can
    guarantee she's a good & responsible rider if any of you care to share your
    horseback riding with her.  Please e mail her direct at:
    Thanks... you'll enjoy knowing her!
    Darolyn Butler-Dial & Mark Dial
    21415 Cypresswood Dr. Humble, Texas 77338  Ph:  281 446 7232    Fax 281 446
    Toll Free (800) 228 8768    e mail: darolyn@xxxxxxxxxx
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    From: Monique.Vincent@xxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:Monique.Vincent@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
    Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 5:27 PM
    To: Darolyn Butler-Dial
    I will be travelling to Tucson for work within the next few weeks,  I was
    wondering if you know of anybody in that area who did endurance/anyone who
    would let me ride one of their horses while I am there. Thanks  Monique
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