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    [RC] HELP Convention Topic - Rides 2 Far

    I need the help of ALL ridecampers. That means YOU TOO lurkers!  AERC
    asked me if I would be a speaker at the convention. I told them if they
    needed me, sure.  Now they want to know what my topic will be.  
    Hmmm, I don't have the most mileage, I don't have the most wins, I don't
    know the most about nutritian, I don't know the most about
    strategy...hmm...it's a hometown crowd, they know me, I won't be a
    novelty to a large part of the crowd. >panic<  
    So rather than talk about *me* and what *I* think, I believe I'll talk
    about *YOU* and what you think, do, etc.  I've decided to do an in depth
    "State of the endurance rider" address.  I'm going to see just how many
    questions I can ask and put the numbers down for.  It may get to the
    point of asking, "How many of you take broccoli casserole to covered dish
    dinners",   I think I'll just ask a zillion questions and look for
    patterns.  While I'm at it, I'll ask if you're a front runner, or rear
    ender. Maybe we can find out if rear enders bring broccoli casseroles and
    front runners just show up with a 2 liter Coke & a bag of ice. I'm still
    in the planning stage.  
    I'm serious. I want to find out what the difference is between the upper
    echelon and myself.  I'm on a quest and if it takes standing up in front
    of a crowd to figure this sport out I'm willing to do it.  I figure
    there'll be plenty of "big dogs" at this convention.  Maybe if I get
    enough participation from the masses, I can get some of the biggest dogs
    to comment and we can compare "us" with "them".  I think an "open mike"
    could get fun.  Oprah here I come. >g<
     I was really hoping to also throw in a video teaching how to sponge on
    the fly but that may depend on whether I get released by the surgeon to
    mount a horse by then. Sponging out of the back of a truck just wouldn't
    be the same. By the way, I'd been on some pretty strong pain pills around
    the clock for 18 days when I came up with this idea, but I put away the
    pills yesterday and after 30 hrs or so of being clean I still liked this
    idea better than anything else I'd come up with. I hope every one of
    you...from the zillion milers to the "hope to do a 25 soon" people will
    find time to answer.
    Thank you!
    Angie McGhee
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