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    RE: [RC] Truck GVW - Roy Drinnan

    Coming down I-77 from I-81 I had to use the gas to keep from slowing down too much !!!! 
    2001 GMC 8.1 litre gas with Allision auotmatic three horse Sundowner on back.  No add on retardation at all.  The tranny does it all !!!!!
    For capacity check out the new 4500 and 5500 chasis from GMC. (up to 19000 gvw)  All you powestroke folk need to try a Duramax.
    (but Diesel is over rated, under powered, smelly noisy and expensive).
    If you're gonna haul big trailers get away from pick-ups and buy real trucks.  Pickups are not built to haul the big rigs safely.
    (can ya all tell I am a GMC guy)
    Roy Drinnan
    Nova Scotia
    Ps. ain't no diesel as quiet as a gas !!!!
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    BUT its not safe and not according to the mfgr specifications.. it
    cant STOP and will not handle correctly. A wreck just waiting to get

    Hey Roger,

    I put exhaust brakes on my trucks and have at one time tried Dodge, Chevy, and Ford, and with Ford tried the 550 also.  By far I like Ford and its power stroke the best.  The exhaust brake will definitely slow you down.  I can come down Black Mountain (east of Asheville on I-40 without using regular brakes at all).


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