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    Re: [RC] My first 25, COMPLETED!! THANK YOU PATTI!!!! - Patti Pankiewicz-Fuchs

    Wow! I think I'm going to cry! It sure is nice to get such a nice thank you, and in public no less. And here I was worried all day that she would think me bossy while helping her get through the ride.
    Just to let everybody know, Lisa has gone through so much to make this 25 happen in the past year....I am sooo proud of her. She also failed to mention how she has driven hours and hours to crew for me last year at Piney Pig annnnd how she (and her big strong hubbie) drove out of her their way to assist me in getting my new 4.5 year old, clean slate to everything-with trust issues, Arab mare into the trailer so I could take her to her new home.
    This is what friendship is all about folks and I've been making some of the best friends of my life since I got into this sport.
    Btw, I'm not just a great crew (hehehehe) but I can ride also....(wink, wink)
    <insert pathetic attempt to offer riding services to others as new horse won't be ready for endurance for a long time and Mercedes "No, I'm not an Arab" (my mare I rode last year) prefers (mentally and physically) just regular trail riding>
    PS Kramer is not a mule, he just has some issues :) ....and I love him anyway Debbie, even though he spit electrolytes all over me. 

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