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    [RC] PSSM/EPSM - Kristi Schaaf

    Cate -
    I have a horse with PSSM/EPSM. It's called either
    Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy, or Equine
    Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy, depending on which
    researcher you're basing your info on. I believe that
    Dr. Valentine from Oregon State and Dr. Valberg from U
    of Minnesota are the two main researchers. There's
    tons of reading on the internet - just type in "equine
    polysaccharide storage myopathy" in a search engine.
    Try http://www.wehn.com/WEVR/V2N3/09/ for a good
    explanation of the disorder. I sent my horse's muscle
    biopsy to Dr. Valentine after my vet did the biopsy,
    and she deemed him VERY positive. : - (
    I'm not sure what you mean when you said that you'll
    have bloodwork done; as far as I'm aware, only a very
    specific muscle biopsy can tell you that your horse
    has EPSM. As for diet - HIGH fat (I use Buckeye
    Ultimate Finish but there are more and more choices
    out there as EPSM becomes more known) is crucial, with
    little to no carbohydrates. Consistent exercise is
    also absolutely necessary. I made the decision to NOT
    keep working my horse as a distance horse (because of
    the severity of his muscle biopsy results), but there
    is a possibility that with the right diet and
    exercise, your horse can resume his previous work
    load. Best of luck, Kristi
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