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    Re: [RC] West Nile Virus - heidi

    > Heidi, you live in a part of the country that has some serious winter.
    > What do you recommend as to giving the WNV booster (already had the two
    > shots in spring) now that the mosquito season is more or less over?
    > Dyane Smith
    > N. N. Ca
    Well, actually, I live in such an out-of-the-way and dry area that I
    haven't vaccinated for it at all.  But it HAS gotten as far as eastern MT,
    so it is getting to be something to consider, even here.  Personally, I'd
    be inclined to rely on the series of two in the spring, although if I
    lived in a real hotbed of it, I'd likely consider the extra fall booster. 
    I also am inclined to think that this is something that needs attention
    primarily because it is a relatively new disease that is "seeing" an
    unexposed host population for the first time.  Over the next few years,
    I'd suspect that the incidence will decrease as the population becomes
    more immune to it.  That's been the pattern with a lot of other new
    diseases in a great many species, even those that virtually reached
    epidemic proportions when they first hit.
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