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    [RC] Distance to rides - Mike & Laurie Hilyard

    I found it interesting to read how far people are going to rides, because whenever my husband gets a faraway look in his eye and starts talking about moving to another area of the country, I go to my old ENs and look up rides in the area.  For most of the last decade I have lived in Clare, Michigan (the middle of the "mitten") and I can attend 8 to 10 rides a year within 175 miles of my house - 5 within 90  miles!  This has gotten me so completely spoiled that I can barely remember driving from Dallas to Gonzales City, Texas for a ride (around 5-6 hours, I think).  I have hauled horses from Texas to Michigan, and vice versa, but never for a ride.  Is there anywhere other than California with the same density of rides as we are fortunate enough to have here? (and thanks to the local ride managers, Wayne Gastfield, Becke Grams, Larry and Jeannie Miller, Gene and Shelly Dake, Bonnie Tobias, Jim Yell).  Laurie from Clare