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    [RC] Injuries - Roy Drinnan

    Somebody should do a coffee table book on the injuries suffered during, and
    as a result of, riding.  It would probably scare off the newbies, but it
    would provide discussion fodder for the rest of us.  I know we have almost
    all had them, my wife's concussions and fractured tailbone, I've been
    flattened more than once while crewing or working a ride.
    I am not trying to make light of anybody's current situation, but as we look
    back, most of us wonder why we subject ourselves to it.
    In the fire service we fall back on flame retardation, we see flames we act
    stupid.  I guess in our sport it would fall to the blindness of love, sorta
    like the stupid things we (Men) do to impress uninterested women.
    Roy Drinnan
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