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    Re: [RC] The West Nile Thing, Part two - Truman Prevatt

    Let me maybe bring some experience to this question. I had my horses (7)  vaccinated against WN last winter and they had their booster this Aug. This was compliant with the current protocol. I have had two cases of WN. These were not in my old (20 yo) or young horses. These cases were in our current ridding horses - a 8 yo Arab and a12 you Arab with almost 2000 miles - the last 50 on about the 7th of Sept.

    Since I've had two cases - just lucky I guess, I've had a long talk with my vet. First vaccinated horses are not immune to WN. I they get it they will have less a problem, will take longer to show up and will - but according to all accounts in U FL - 30% of the vaccinated horses will be susceptible to WN.  What seems to be the case in both humans and horses, susceptible will get it - maybe be very mild but they will get it.

    If you vaccinate - it will be milder, it will come on slower and the chance for recovery will be much better and you will have longer to respond.  But if you do vaccinate you CANNOT ignore the symptoms of WN. While it may be milder, if ignored it still can be fatal.

    >From what I have heard and read, in 5 years WN won't be a problem. But it's one now. So my advise is to do what you can  to prevent it but don't forget ot watch your horses and if you see something , CALL YOUR VET.

    Both my horses are now happy and healthy - WN survivors.  


    Heidi Smith wrote:
    Like Dr. Newell and others, I'm really concerned by some of the statements made by Jennifer Judkins.  The statement below really shows a lack of understanding of the vaccination process:

    [RC] The West Nile Thing, Part two, Jennifer Judkins
    Re: [RC] The West Nile Thing, Part two, Heidi Smith