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    Re: [RC] [Guest] 100 Mile Rides - Jim Holland

    Whuff...Wendy, I know THAT feeling!  Friend of mine and I were flying
    down this Forest Service Road one night...nothing but glow sticks and
    sporadic moonlight thru the trees...just flying...it was REAL late, more
    like early in the morning. My heart was in my throat! Came around this
    long sweeping curve and met a pickup with lights off...moonshiner (or
    drugs) I think. Drop off on one side, cliff on the other Horses just
    split on either side of the truck as tho no big deal and never missed a
    beat. I was shaking for an hour! Sometimes your life depends on the
    trust you've built between you and your horse.
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche (what was the big deal?) and Mahada Magic
    > Wendy Merendini wendy.merendini@xxxxxxxx
    > I have ridden where it was so dark that I could not see my hand held up in
    > front of my face ­ really ­ and had my mount trying to pull my arms out of
    > their sockets wanting to go faster, the rider bravery factor stepped in, I
    > was not comfortable galloping along when I could not see a blasted
    > thing.   The year I did the Swanton Pacific, Sharon Westagard and I were
    > flying along on the mountain trail coming into the finish and I could not
    > see a thing ­ just trusted Flikka.  It was fun - like Mr. Toads Wild Ride.
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    [RC] [Guest] 100 Mile Rides, Ridecamp Moderator