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    Re: [RC] Help with Bloodlines - Mary

    Hi Angie,
    Try inputting the horse names you have into the very top of this site http://www.dmtc.com/pedigree/allbreed/
    (in Horse Query box).  Be sure spelling is as on the Papers and search for proper breed. ;-)
    I was able to find some horse's backgrounds here and others I could not, as the site is always awork in progress.  One of my boys was not on site but his sire was and I was able to input my guys info to add to list.   Some of the info on pedigrees I've searched are all the way back to desert and well documented with notes and dates and even some pictures of horses careers etc. 
    Its a fabulous site for pedigrees and info on a particular animals history when it works.
    Have fun
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Angie Orr
    Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2002 1:36 PM
    Subject: [RC] Help with Bloodlines

    I am looking for information on a new horse I bought without papers, I found
    out his Dam and Sire if anyone with a registry CD could help me out I would
    really appreciate it.

    Dam:  El Tifa
    Sire: Tux Cedo Man

    Thanks All
    Angie Orr

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    [RC] Help with Bloodlines, Angie Orr