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    [RC] boring collarbone saga - Brenda L. Kossowan

    Angie: Glad to hear you're coping with your recent and highly public
    injury. I got a chuckle from your comment about the number of injuries
    we suffer in the advancement of our careers as endurance rides. It
    brought back memories of a fellow rider who was taking so many bruises,
    her doctor tried to report her husband for spousal abuse. The doctor
    simply would not believe that this woman would continue riding a horse
    that was giving her that amount of grief. The horse - a purebred Arab
    gelding - ended up changing hands a couple of times; came perilously
    close to being shipped to France as steaks and was even tried out by a
    rodeo cowboy to see if he might be used as a bucking horse. He was
    eventually purchased by yet another crazy endurance rider who saw the
    potential in his powerful, compact body and determined nature. That
    horse, now enjoying a peaceful retirement with about 25 equine buddies,
    is Allah's Joy Ride, Wayne Delbeke's infamous JR, who went on to
    represent Canada at Dubai in the mid-90s - with one of his former owners
    aboard. Wayne coined his own special acronym in honour of JR's antics:
    He called him a SUD launcher, short for Sudden Unplanned Dismount.
    My best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.
    Brenda Kossowan
    Endurance Riders of Alberta
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