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    Re: [RC] More on the WNV horses that were vaccinated - DESERTRYDR1

    Heidi, the thing to do is vaccinate this fall.  I work at a local health 
    department (Benton-Franklin--the Tri-Cities area) and just today was talking 
    with our new epidemiologist.  He confirmed that we need to vaccinate now, 
    because the full immunity takes several weeks (three to six) after the second 
    dose.  He also confirmed that we should booster next spring.  The lady I 
    board with was going to wait til next spring to do her horses, but I told her 
    what I had found out, and she said she would talk to her vet.  She uses a 
    different vet than I do, mine said do it now!  
    I would guess that if the horses you wrote about were only vaccinated in 
    September, that's why they still got sick.   jeri
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