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    Re: [RC] Age Distribution for AERC Members and Riders Revised - Heidi Smith

    > Any thoughts as to why endurance doesn't seem to appeal to people in their
    > College, starting families....?
    I don't think it is fair to say that it doesn't appeal to people in that age
    range.  It is simply a matter of financial reality.  You have some of the
    causitive reasons right--college, meeting mates, starting families, starting
    careers, etc.  But the bottom line is money.  Prior to 18, mom and dad are
    paying the bills, so they can ride as much as they want, with the only
    limitation beyond that being what mom and dad can afford.  At 18, they most
    likely leave home, leave the horses home, and are pretty well broke and
    occupied.  Usually by 30, they are established in careers, often are
    established in family life, etc.--and can once again own horses, pay entry
    fees, travel, etc.  Many people discover endurance for the first time as
    adults, but indeed, some of our juniors do come back.
    A few of us rode through those years, but the few who do have a driving
    dedication to horses and/or endurance to the point that it is more than a
    hobby.  We are the oddballs--the ones who take those years out are far more
    typical, and always have been.  That trend has bee with us since the very
    beginning of the sport, and I don't think it is very realistic to expect it
    to change, given the normal progression of American life when we are that
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    [RC] Age Distribution for AERC Members and Riders Revised, Michael Maul