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    [RC] DM vs 3M - JanCol

    Thanks to everyone for the headsup regarding potential problems with no sweat pads that are not genuine Dixie Midnight pads.  I used the DM for approximately 180 miles of competition before changing saddles (and needing a different size vent pad) and then discovered the 3M product and have now used that for over 300 miles of competition.

    I am amazed that two products can look EXACTLY the same (down to color and texture), weigh EXACTLY the same, and (at least for me) perform EXACTLY the same (I have not lost even a fraction of a point for any back or tack problems and have not had to wash a saddle pad, just hose my vent pad) and yet this material was developed independently!  3M also makes more than one variety of this material, different colors, slightly different weights, and larger widths.  I have tried the one like the DM and one a bit lighter and have had equally good success with both.

    I will continue to be vigilant though for any problems but so far the only difference I have found is in the price ($80 Vs 25 cents).