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    Re: [RC] Coso Junction - Dbeverly4

    In a message dated 10/15/2002 2:41:02 PM Pacific Standard Time, desrtrydr@xxxxxxxxx writes:

    Can anyone give me info on the Coso Junction ride? Someone just told me it
    > sucked; the footing is real sandy, the scenery is ugly, there are rocks and
    > ride camp is at a Taco Bell. (Even if all that is true I *still* want to go!)
    > Any feedback?

    Hi Melanie!  I've never done the 3 day, but I have done the Geo Bun Buster ride that is in the same location.  Its a really nice ride with good footing, maybe a bit rocky in stretches, but those bits dont' go on and on.  Nice sandy footing for the most part so you can move along at a good pace.  It is desert scenery, but I was amazed at how much more interesting that is from horseback vs. whizzing by on highway 395 on our way to Mammoth <g>.

    The ridecamp is near a Taco Bell but you definitely don't feel like you're in their parking lot (because you're not, you're back a ways).  To tell you the truth, the Taco Bell and mini mart plus gas station come in kind of handy (I always seem to forget something!).  It can be a bit windy there so bring a good windbreaker and a hat that you can attach to your head and if you're tenting it, stake that sucker down good.

    Happy trails!