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    Re: [RC] Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pads - Howard Bramhall

    I've had a few delightful conversations with Karl, via Ridecamp, and I do remember him stating he doesn't do endurance.  With that cat out of the bag, I must warn you, Stephanie, that even though Karl doesn't participate in our sport it is more than likely you will meet some rude and pretentious folks who do.  So, don't be too surprised when you find that one out, even though they're quite rare, they are out there.
    I find this whole thing, with Karl and "Mikey," quite humorous and don't see why anyone would get offended at this kind of stuff.  I mean, here is Karl trying to do some "free" advertising of his product, via Ridecamp posts, and then this woman comes out of nowhere and says his product is really an outdoor carpet made by the 3M company.  Karl's responses are fantastic!  Does he really talk like that?
    This is Southern humor at its best, the kind where you paint your dog green and put a Halloween mask over his head so he looks like a gator and advertise you have a gator who barks in your backyard and charge admission for folks to go take a look see.  The morale of this tale is "ain't nothing for free" on Ridecamp, and if you try to do some free advertising don't be surprised if that gator doesn't hump your leg as you go around the crowd collecting admission (man, what the heck does that mean?).  lol.
    Howard (I don't think he likes being called "Mikey," Karl.)
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    From: Stephanie Caldwell
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    Subject: Re: [RC] Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pads

    I'm pretty much a newbie to endurance, but I have close to ten years dressage experience under my belt. After much looking I had decided to purchase one of
    your pads when I bought my new saddle and Skito pad later this year, but after seeing this thread I would not want to deal with such a arrogant company. If your pad was *the best* in the business you wouldn't be so paranoid about people asking questions. I came to endurance to get away from vendors, trainers, managers, and riders like you that plague the dressage arenas. It disapoints me greatly to see that rude, pretentious people like you are also involved in endurance!

    Stephanie Caldwell

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