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    Fw: [RC] Dixie Midnight for Mike Sofen - Lori Bertolucci

    Now we can see how things can be taken out of context, whether that was the intent or not.
    I thought Mike was being rude to Karl, yet there are others that think differently. Maybe it was the way it came off the tongue, so to speak.
    It sounded to me like Mike automatically assumed Karl was taking credit where credit wasn't due. And in fact referred to Karls talk as "useless blather". Guess I can see where Karl might take exception to that. And saying "you're stretching my inclination to believe you" is pretty much calling a person a liar, without having any facts.
    Maybe this is one of those times when it might have been best to have taken this privately until all the facts were straight, and before such strong language was put to "print" on RC.
    Karl wouldn't be the first person to believe in his product and maybe he does come across strongly in this area, but I can't see where this is a reason to try starting a fight on RC.
    I know, I know, now I will be "flamed".....
    Lori B.
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    From: Maggie Mieske
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    Subject: Re: [RC] Dixie Midnight for Mike Sofen
    Very good reply, Mike, without encouraging MORE of a p***ing contest.  I was
    initially intrigued and curious to learn more about this wonder pad.  I am
    not anymore.  I read your original post and was interested to see the reply
    (if Karl manufactured his own material for this pad).  I did not read any
    more into it than that.  I was dismayed by Karl's reply...it was WAY out of
    line and I am sure I am not the only potential customer on Ridecamp that he
    may have lost.  I think Karl took the question much too personally and lost
    an opportunity to enlighten and educate some of us (no, not by revealing the
    "formula") about a product that so many swear by.  His response really
    marred any professionalism he may have previously had.  I'm just not
    interested in p***ing contests.  Too bad.

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