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    Re: [RC] Thoughts - Heidi Smith

    >Not all these folks who end up with a horse in trouble are evil or are running for the "win."  Sometimes, it just happens thru ignorance (me) or inexperience (me) or having the wrong horse for the sport (me).
    And sometimes there isn't even any ignorance or inexperience involved, nor is it the wrong horse--unless you consider the horse to be "the wrong horse" because he has an aneurysm lurking, or a tumor ready to rupture, or some other flukey thing that could have just as well caused you to go out and find him dead in the pasture in the morning as to have him die under you at a ride. 
    I personally can't imagine a worse experience, and am grateful that the only horse I've had with such a problem DID die at home in the pasture, but I've sure vetted a couple that were just healthy and fine at the last vet check, and then went jogging nicely out, only to either fall down dead under the rider (aneurysm), or collapse and later be euthanized and posted (ruptured tumor).  Both of those cases were wonderful horses for the sport, well cared for, not overridden, riders were experienced, and riders were not ignorant.  There simply was nothing that anyone could have done.  The only small consolation was that, like riders who die alongside the trail, they died doing something they appeared to love to do.