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    Re: [RC] We lost our beautiful horse tonight - FASTGraphic

    I am not experienced enough in equine medicine to offer opinions or advice.  
    I only wanted to extend my deepest condolences.  Having had to put the "love 
    of my life" down last year, I truly feel for all you are going through.  Just 
    wanted to tell you that the pain will pass in time and there IS another horse 
    out there for you - not to ever replace your loss, but to help you ride 
    through it.  I hope your daughter deals well with her loss, and learns from 
    it.  As I look above my computer monitor, there is a hank of beautiful black 
    tail on the wall.  It is my only memento of my lost mare, Vesper.  That, and 
    the incredible memories of hours and hours on the trail, just she and I.  
    Cherish your memories and find a new horse as soon as possible!  And don't 
    beat yourself up over your decision to put the horse down.  I've been there 
    and done that.  Sounds to me like you did the right and humane thing.
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