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    [Fwd: Re: [RC] Dixie Midnight] - Jim Holland

    Interesting......Do you know what type of Nomad?  There are several "flavors".

    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

    In a message dated 10/11/2002 1:15:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, eyler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    Here's my experience -- and Karl, the developer of the DM vent pad, agrees


    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe 3M company is the "developer" of the material Karl uses as his pad.  It is called Nomad and is intended to be used as outdoor carpeting but does work great as a saddle pad.  I have one of Karl's pad and then when I realized what it was,  I was lucky enough to know someone at 3M and bought a whole roll (enough for more than a dozen pads) in the company store for a couple bucks!