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    [RC] My name is Patti and I'm an endurance-aholic - Patti Pankiewicz-Fuchs

    After four wonderfully fun and educational LDs this past year with my TWH/QH cross I have decided that this is the sport for me. Unfortunately I can't say quite the same for my mare. Though valiant efforts were made on her part, I can honestly say she'll never make a (healthy and happy) 50 mile horse. Soooooo...... I've found myself an endurance prospect, and brought her home today. She's a beautiful bay, 4.5 year old, 14.3hh-15hh, non-registered (though very typey) Arab mare, of supposed Bask lines. Halter broke, not at all saddle/bridle broke, and  lived every day of her life (till today) in a 100+ pasture with 10 or more other horses. She has some major trust issues with me right now which I hope we can work out soon. I've never totally started a horse on my own from day one to finish (have done or helped with various stages in between) so I have quite a challenge in front of me. However, I am confident that with the proper tutelage (wink,wink) I can make th is happen.
    So some questions:
    1. Is it possible to do some kind of blood typing or such to get her registered? Just curious.
    2. What should I feed her for optimal growth? Supplements? She's only been getting fed once a day (one scoop of a 12% pellet.....and fighting the others in the pasture for it...she definitely needs osme groceries)
    3. Who all are your favorite clinicians whose books and videos I could get and study? (Anderson, Lyons, Parelli?)
    Ridecamp was such a godsend when I did my first rides that I'm counting on ya'll to get me through to my first 50 with my new girl a couple years from now.
    Thanks in advance!
    Patti (What have I gotten myself into?)
    Mercedes (Yes!!! She gots herself an Arab. It's all gravy from here baby!)
    Serendipity (Who are you? Where am I? What is this endurance you speak of?)

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