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    [RC] OVETS - giltmead

     It is time to make it official.  There will be no OVETS in 2003.
     This is due to a number of factors, by far the most important being
    funding, and my own time schedule being significant too.  A lot of people
    have asked why the finances are a problem.  The first OVETS was done on a
    shoestring with a couple hundred dollars of my money to cover the small
    deficit.  Since then it has grown to a budget of nearly $12,000 with about
    40% covered by a grant. With the loss of the grant I couldn't get things
    back in line with the quality of program people expect.  Looking ahead to
    2004 there is every reason to believe that we will resume the program!
     With 2003 out of the way I am already starting to work on 2004.  I am
    presently preparing 2 grant applications, either one of which could solve
    the financial situation.  The Ky Horse Council is also looking into
    sponsorship.  KHC is also considering the Indiana Horse Council's offer to
    co-sponsor OVETS in the future.  We are also planning on updating the Ohio
    Valley Horse Camp Guide (and re-naming it the Mid-America Horse Camp Guide,
    with more states added) and issuing it in the spring to both promote OVETS
    and hopefully raise some money.  My hope is that we can firm up things
    enough by spring to have a serious publicity campaign and draw a larger
     So, what do you need to do now?
    1 Send me a reply so I can confirm your e-mail address works.
    2 Send me more names & e-mail addresses for other people who should get on
    an OVETS mailing list.
    3 Send me info on any horse camps that need to be added to the Guide,
    especially from states you think should be included.  We hope to also have
    this data available on-line.
    4 Let me know if you can help with the camp guide.  This could entail
    identifying camps and possibly selling camps ads.
    5 Jeff Neff is still interested in setting up an internet site for OVETS.
    If any of you could help him set it up or maintain it, or make occasional
    contributions, let Jeff & me know.  It can be hosted on the KHC web site (or
    6 I have a list of possible future topics and some speakers.  It's not to
    soon to send more suggestions
    7 Any help with fund-raising would be great.  Sponsorships in any amounts
    from businesses, horse clubs/assns or state horse councils could easily make
    this work again.  There is no problem providing any sponsoring organization
    with a financial report as we have had to file such reports every year in
    the past anyway.  There are no shady or secret expenses!
    8 Don't forget that OVETS is one of several similar meetings.  Maybe 2003 is
    a good chance to go to one of the others.  They are the Southeast Trails
    Conference at Clemson, SC, the Western States Horse Summit in Sacremento,
    CA, and I don't know the name of the one in PA, I think it is held in either
    State College or Hershey.
    Please send the above info.  There's work to be done.
    Greg Jones
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