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    [RC] help-- mare missing - Bette Lamore

    OK-- not strictly endurance but my mare Venus has had an offspring that was purchased for endurance sooo... I hope that counts for something.
    The person who leased my mare (and who has been telling me lies about her and my other mare who colicked and died while in her care) now has my surviving mare on a ranch close to her and by all indications, has no intention of returning her in the near future. she told me Venus was being picked up tomorrow and I just reached the hauler who said that was not true.
    Can I have someone who has a copy of the pedigree, a copy of the mare lease agreement, and a video and pics of the mare go to where she is and pick her up on my behalf? The lessee of the mare is leasing the farm where she is staying. Can I legally reclaim my own mare? Do I need to file suit in CA first or bring horse thief charges against her before I can take her back? She negated the lease agreement by failing to take out insurance on the mares (that is why she refused to have surgery on my mare and the vet hosp had to put her down-- I was out and came home around 10 or 11 CA time but that was too late East Coast time--- they had just euthanized her. I would have guaranteed payment for surgery had I been told). The lessee had just sold my deceased mare's foal for $4500--- she could have even paid for her surgery out of that but chose to put her down instead, telling me lies about her situation.
    What legal steps can I take on the East Coast? I'm familiar with CA laws--- ignorant about GA.
    Thanks for any information. I feel helpless in CA and am about to fly back there. Anyone making a coast-to-coast trip soon who needs company?
    Bette (who just got over one ordeal with Bunny (although it had a VERY happy ending) but who is not quite ready to go through ANOTHER ONE RIGHT NOW!)
    JUST HAD A THOUGHT! If I can just get her off into a safe place, perhaps I can pay for gas for any help winding her way back to me (we are still recuperating from Bunny's and Halynov's expenses and a $1500-$1800 transport fee would kill us right now--- it's before breeding season--- my dead time) and that way I can defray ridecamper's expenses going West, pay for her board along the way.. and somehow get my mare back home safe and sound. Please e-mail me if you are traveling west at all. I have places for her near Dallas and El Paso and Phoenix. I can go to Phoenix and get her in my rig myself from there. I guess this would resemble team tag--- but hey--- it was a group ridecamp effort that saved Bunny for me--- maybe it will take a group effort for Venus as well!
    PS IF anyone is thinking about breeding to Riverdance next year, if you purchase the breeding now (after seeing the video of course) I will offer the breeding for only $500 stud fee to the first four people--- that would pay for the coast to coast transport. That is another way that would work. If I sound desperate, I am--- I don't want to lose another mare. You can see Venus' picture and Paschon's (the one who was put down) on my Mare page at my website below. Paschon is the one with the foal at the top of the page. Click on Venus' name and you will see her picture and why I want her back so much. She is a beautiful mare, as was Paschon, who, by the way, was the dam of Riverdance.
    Bette Lamore
    Whispering Oaks Arabians
    Home of 16.2h TLA Halynov
    who lives on through his legacy
    Hal's Riverdance!

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