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    Re: [RC] Mule Crosses - Sullivan

    Title: Re: [RC] Mule Crosses
    A fellow in my area was breeding hinnies.  He had a Tennessee Walker Stallion that had been raised with the donkeys.....I always wanted to ride one.
    A hinny is the hybrid made by crossing a horse stallion with a donkey mare and the hinnys favor the horse side of their heritage.  It's a whole lot harder finding a horse stallion to mate with a donkey (in Peru such stallions are called muleteros and they are "made" by taking a colt at birth and having it raised by a donkey wet nurse so it develops the proper sexual fixation.  The mules/hinnys are generally even better gaited than the horses!), and the donkey mares have a lower rate of conception when producing a hybrid.

    To see a huge collection of mules of various types plan on going to a Mule Days, with the one in Bishop, CA on Memorial Day weekend being the biggest and best:  http://www.muledays.org/

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