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  • - Joe Long
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    [RC] Bylaws change and the "Poison Pill" - Joe Long

    Yes, mea culpa.  I did not pay enough attention to the proposed by
    lawd change earlier, and did not catch the "U.S. or Canadian citizen"
    However, as we are only allowed to vote "yes" or "no" on the whole
    package, any single part, no matter how small, that we cannot live
    with kills the whole package.  Such an item is sometimes known as a
    "poison pill."
    I would like to point out, in fact, that for anyone who finds *any
    part* of the new Bylaws unacceptable, the PROPER action is to vote
    "no" on the package and "send it back to the drawing board."  Then let
    the Board know what your objection was.
    I am voting "no" on the changes.
    Joe Long
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