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    Re: [RC] the new bylaws and family membership - Heidi Smith

    > one metric of "better way" is to compare the cost of the voting process.
    > Membership $2500 (plus a 20% or something similar quorum is required) .vs.
    > the cost of the already required board meeting.  Another metric is the
    > ability of any member to express their views (directly or through elected
    > representative). etc.
    > but for AERC, the $2500 is a significant factor in my mind.
    Yes, it is.  And it's too bad if the non-resident alien issue turns out to
    be a $2500 oversight.  However, if the "citizenship" clause is truly an
    error, better to have it corrected before it becomes a bylaw, even at the
    cost of another $2500 vote, as it would take another $2500 vote to fix it if
    we vote YES, and it would probably be impossible to get the BoD to approve a
    vote on just the one small change.  And I must say, that painful as it is to
    spend an extra $2500, having been an active part of this organization nearly
    since its inception, that would not be the most expensive error ever made,
    not by a long shot.
    I haven't personally looked it up, but someone else posted today that we
    have somewhere in the realm of 3800 voting members.  If it makes you feel
    any better, John, both my husband and I would gladly chip in our roughly 60
    cents apiece to fund another ballot, and have the problem corrected.
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    Re: [RC] the new bylaws and family membership, John Teeter