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    [RC] the new bylaws and family membership - Michael Maul

    The link from the online comparison of old and new has the following note below
    on family memberships.  No changes are planned in the dues structure for family
    memberships.  It's just a better way to allow voting on AERC issues.
    Mike Maul
    AERC Director-at-Large
    This area no longer shows the family membership.  The existing bylaws 
    defines family membership for voting purposes as having two votes.  
    Under the new bylaws all family members 18 or older will be allowed 
    to vote.  Both existing and proposed bylaws allow the board to 
    establish the dues structure so there need be no change in dues 
    with the passage of the new bylaws unless the board decides to 
    change for some other reason.  Family membership as originally 
    designed was a father and/or mother with all supported children 
    living at one address or at college, receiving one Endurance 
    News and two adult membership votes.  Under the proposed 
    bylaws - all family member adults will be allowed to vote.
    For example, a father, mother and two daughters (both 18 or 
    older and supported) still at one address or at college 
    receiving one Endurance News would now have four votes. 
    The words family membership may not be in the proposed 
    bylaws but everything is in order for the board  to continue 
    the family membership dues structure.  Section 5.05 provides 
    for the board to determine dues structure and which allows 
    for the family membership dues structure to continue.
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