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    Re: [RC] Proposed Bylaws - Removing Family Membership & Citizenship require... - Heidi Smith

    While the citizenship requirement was not discussed (or at least I don't recall it), many of us discussed our disapproval of the elimination of family memberships at great length, and in general voiced our disapproval of the complete reworking of the membership system.  Since my own regional director is the list owner here, she is quite well aware of what we've shared in this forum.  Apparently our directors chose not to heed our input.  Fine.  Our next step is a no vote.  That's how the system works.
    BTW, other than this one issue, I have no complaints about the changes.  Too bad the BoD has spoiled some outstanding work with one major blooper.  I sincerely hope that the bylaws change will be defeated, and that the BoD will realize that it is due to one issue, and that they will resubmit the other changes without the substantial alteration to the membership categories.
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    It is interesting to note that the revised By-laws have been on line since April and were published in the EN in May. Mike Maul and I went on line to Ride Camp and other venues and solicited comments at that time. I believe that less than four persons responded.  Every one has had all summer to express a request for changes and modifications that could have been attended to at the Mid Year Board Meeting.
    So, If you did not discuss this with your Regional Directors and/or your Directors-at-Large I do not believe you have a chance in hell of changing things now.

    Bob Morris
    Morris Endurance Enterprises
    Boise, ID

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    Do we  have to vote for the bylaw changes as an entire entity, or
    can we vote for or against particular segments?

    Apparently it is all or nothing - which bothers us a LOT. It will hit home with teh RMs and rides themselves, as people may choose not to take that extra horse or rider to a ride because they end up being a higher cost factor ride after ride OR year after year. Bad enough in MY mind that "new members" get a discount - but now those who have supported AERC and the events for years get socked yet again. When I see the renewal form, I think, "why do new members get a nice little discount and we are paying full price", and now perhaps full price PER CAPITA? Why not encourage both NEW memberships and SUSTAINED memberships by not only keeping the family discount but dropping the fee for that second member, not just 3rd and subsequent. I for one don't want to decide YEARLY which of oru family of four will be members depdning on who will ride enough rides to make it worth it. I paid full rate in 2001 and 2002 and was not able to ride because of illness. I didn't feel the sustaining payment without worth since it supports AERC, a very good organization. But I will not do so in the future without the family discount. Why would I? What does everyone else think?

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