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    Re: [RC] Proposed by-laws-family voting vs. memberships - Lynne Glazer

    At 9:47 AM -0700 10/8/02, sandy.l.holder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
    "I don't think either the elimination of family memberships or the elimination of voting rights for residents of this country who are not citizens are in the best interests of our organization, nor are they in the spirit of our organization. If I have to vote for or against the entire package, this change will force me to vote no.


    Well said Heidi, and yes, it's a shame that all the hard work that went into the proposed by-laws (some really good changes) will not go through because of the membership changes. . . unless I hear otherwise (that we can vote section by section), I have to agree with you and will be voting "no" as well. . .

    Sandy Holder

    I think there are two different things, as I recall a post by Mike Maul some months back. As I recall, the bylaws refer to voting only, and don't have anything to do with how we price our memberships--and the latter will still include family memberships.

    So, awaiting clarification, let's not run up the message count with me-too's?


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    If you are an AERC member - PLEASE VOTE in the upcoming By-Laws Election!!!! (it takes 2/3rds to tango!!)


    [RC] Proposed by-laws, sandy . l . holder